Terms & Conditions

Ticketing Terms and Conditions

Ticketing T’s & C’s
1/ Proof of age may be required for all ticket types. Please ensure that you have ID with you in case you are asked. Failure to provide such ID may result in you being asked to leave the festival.

2/ Adult Tickets can only be redeemed by people aged 18 or over.

3/ Young Persons Tickets (age 10-17) can only be purchased in conjunction with Adult Ticket purchases.

4/ Childrens Tickets (age 5-9) and Infant Tickets (aged under 4) can only be purchased in conjunction with Adult Ticket purchases.

5/ By purchasing a Childs Ticket (age 5-9) or Infant Ticket (aged under 4) you are confirming that you are either the parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian of the child for whom you are purchasing.

6/ Teen, Child and Infant ticket holders can only enter the festival with the person who purchased their ticket i.e. their parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian. Any Teen, Child or Infant ticket holders attempting to enter the festival without this person will be denied entry to the festival. For safety reasons, any persons attempting to enter the festival with a Teen, Child or Infant Ticket holder that they are not the parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian for will be denied entry.

7/ Each adult attending can accompany up to a maximum of 2 Teen Ticket holders and 1 Child/Infant Ticket holder.

8/ Teen/Child & Infant ticket holders must be accompanied by their parent/guardian at all times after 10pm.

9/ Child/Infant Ticket holders must be accompanied at all times by their parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian.

10/ Upon admission to the event visitors will be subject to searches by Security staff or Police.

11/ Management reserve the right to refuse admission should circumstance dictate.

12/ The management observe a strict zero tolerance approach to:
• anti-social behaviour, physical or verbal abuse to staff or other visitors
• The use of drugs (including psychoactive substances/’legal highs’) at the event and on the event site
Any visitors engaged in the above activities will be refused admission or ejected from the site.

13/ No food or alcohol can be brought onto site. Any found at point of admission will be confiscated. Sealed plastic bottles of water are permitted.

14/ For the safety of all visitors no glass containers or vessels will be permitted on site. Please do not bring glass onto site. All glassware will be confiscated at point of admission.

15/ Prior written permission is needed by Eklectica Ltd to use Eklectica tickets in any sales promotions, media, marketing, reward programmes, staff incentives, raffles, auctions or general competitions.

16/ Tickets are strictly non-refundable.

17/ Tickets are only available first hand from the official event website. Do not buy tickets for this event from any other source.


What can I bring to Eklectica?

What To Bring to Eklectica!
We want everyone to have a super fun and safe time at our event – so please read the following carefully so you know what to, and what not to bring with you on the event weekend!

1/ A friendly disposition and your dancing shoes!

2/ Sensible clothing and footwear for an outdoor environment! Don’t forget to embrace our fancy-dress theme by paying homage to your favourite singer, band or celebrity!

3/ Water in sealed plastic bottles is permitted, up to the amount you can easily carry.

4/ Visitors are not permitted to bring alcohol on to site. Searches will be conducted at point of admission and any alcohol found will be confiscated.

5/ No food may be brought onto site, with the exception of baby food (not in glass containers)

6/ To promote overall public safety, no glassware or glass vessels will be permitted on site. Searches will be conducted at point of admission and any glass found will be confiscated.

7/ Eklectica is not a camping event so you won’t need to bring any overnight provisions. Large suitcases and travel bags are prohibited.

8/ No highly flammable liquids, gases, pyrotechnics, Chinese lanterns, camping stoves or hazardous chemicals are permitted on site. Those found in possession of such items will be refused admission.

9/ No knives, needles, sharps or any other dangerous items as flagged by our security staff will not be permitted on site. Those in possession of said items will be refused admission.

10/ No pets will be allowed on site (that includes all the usual household animals, and whatever else you might have at home!)

11/ No seating or chairs are allowed into the event – there will be some areas of seating throughout the park, but most of the time you’ll be on your feet!

12/No bicycles, micro scooters or skateboards will be permitted on site for this event.

13/ No large flags, banners or blow up items will be prohibited on site for this event.

14/ No handheld communication devices that could be used for illegal purposes, radios, jammers/scanners, klaxons, buzzers, laser pens or other potential dangerous or illegal paraphernalia is prohibited on site.

15/ Unauthorised professional photography or filming equipment is strictly prohibited.

16/ Buggies and pushchairs will be admitted onto site, but please be aware that some paths and areas are grass/gravel so may be more difficult to get around. Also, during main programmed entertainment, and in some high density/footfall areas those with buggies or pushchairs may be asked to move to less densely populated areas on safety grounds.

General Event Information

General Event Information
If the event is not sold out beforehand, tickets will be available to purchase from the official Eklectica Website in advance of the event up to 18.00 on Friday 8th September.

A box office will be open at the entrance to the event Site to purchase any remaining tickets upon arrival at the event from 11.00am each morning. PLEASE CHECK OUR WEBSITE FOR TICKET AVAILABILITY IN ADVANCE OF ATTENDING IF YOU INTEND TO BUY A TICKET ON THE DAY.

Tickets to Eklectica are limited and the event is subject to a maximum capacity.

There is no readmission to Eklectica @ Robin Hill, once you’re in, you’re in, so please plan ahead!

The event is a full standing event – there are some seating areas within the event – by you’ll be mostly on your feet. Seats/chairs are not permitted into the event.

No food or drink is allowed onto site (apart from baby food in non-glass containers, and a personal supply of drinking water in a sealed plastic container.

Eklectica operates a strict Think 25 policy with regard to alcohol sales. If you are lucky enough to look younger than 25 you will need to provide the following ID; Passport (not a photocopy). Foreign passports are acceptable if in suitable condition and include a photograph or full or provisional photo card driving license issued by the DVLA.

If you are under 18 you will be committing an offence if you consume, or attempt to buy alcohol on site. Similarly, it is an offence to attempt to buy alcohol for a minor.

Anyone committing alcohol related offences on site will be removed from site and reported to the police.

The event is open to the public at 11.00 – 01.00 on Saturday 9th September, and 11.00 – 01.00 on Sunday 10th September. We will avoid queuing where possible but please allow time to pass through our admissions area and personal/bag searches. There may also be slight delays leaving the site depending upon demand for buses and taxis.

Parking on site is limited and by ticket only – please purchase your parking ticket in conjunction with your event tickets via our website.

Bus transport to and from the event will be provided by Southern Vectis via a shuttle service from Newport to Robin Hill and return. Tickets for this service are being sold on behalf of  Southern Vectis and can be purchased in conjunction with your event tickets from our website.

Tickets are only available to buy direct from the event organisers via the official Eklectica website. Do not purchase tickets from any other source. Tickets are no transferable and non-refundable.

CCTV will be on operation across the event site for the protection or the public. This is controlled by Vectis Ventures Ltd.
Smoking onsite is limited to outdoor areas. Smoking is not permitted at any point of sale, bars, food or hospitality outlets or inside any temporary event structure. Please be respectful of other visitors and use litter bins provided when discarding stubs.

Are there any age limits?

All persons under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied at the festival by a parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian. Please ensure you read our terms & conditions in full.

Anyone under 18 trying to enter the festival with an adult ticket will not be permitted to enter the festival under any circumstances.

We will be operating and enforcing a strict Challenge 25 policy. So if you are lucky enough to look 25 or younger, please make sure that you bring an acceptable form of identification.

Valid forms of ID include:
– An in date photographic driver’s license or provisional licence.
– A valid passport (not a photocopy). Out of date passports will NOT be accepted.
– A Proof of Age Standards Scheme Card (showing the PASS hologram).

Event Facilities

ATMs and contactless payment
There are no cash points on the site. We recommend you attend with sufficient cash for your visit. All bars and most traders accept debit/credit and contactless payment.

Free Drinking Water
There is free water available throughout the event. Locations are signposted and are also shown on the event maps.

Customer Service Information Hubs
Our primary customer service hub is at the admissions area and box office. Secondary customer service functions will also be available for the event welfare location in the main arena. Our team will be easily recognisable with official ‘Eklectica’ event uniform. If you have any issues during the weekend please talk to one of our many friendly event stewards and security team on hand to help!

Customer Welfare, Lost Children and First Aid provision
Welfare and First Aid provision is in the Main Arena field and operated by our trained and experienced staff and in conjunction with the NHS ambulance service.  Both services are open during event hours and all visits are logged and recorded.

The Event welfare point is also the main point of reference and rendezvous location for lost family members and children.

Food & Drink
We have a range of themed bars selling great refreshments from real ales to cocktails, as well as an extensive offer of wonderful foodie delights. If you have a certain dietary requirement, several of our food vendors will offer suitable meals, but these may not be suitable for visitors with allergies.

We take great pride in our toilets! You’ll find a mixture of permanently installed toilets) and posh event loos for your use whilst on site. Disabled toilets are available in all main areas.

Nappy Changing Facilities
Nappy changing facilities are situated in the same location as the accessible toilets and at event welfare.

Left Luggage / Cloakroom
There are no left luggage or cloakroom facilities at Eklectica. Bring only what you can carry and please leave valuables at home.

Funfair/Ride Attractions
Eklectica offers funfair rides, attractions and games, which operate on a pay-as-you go basis and must be used in accordance with the operator’s instructions including in respect of health and safety.

Eklectica merchandise is available from our outlet in the Main Arena.

Seating and Shade
There are some places to sit down and relax including garden tables and benches in the main areas. There are areas of shade within the parks woodland, and we can rely on the British weather to be unpredictable so please come prepared with sun cream and hats if the weather is good and waterproof coats and shoes if the weather is bad! Check the forecast in advance!

Medication Storage
Please bring any medication that you would normally take and tell your friends about any allergies that you have. Medication can be safely stored and refrigerated at the event First Aid point in the Main Arena. Please remember that all medication must be self-administered.

Lost & Found Property

During the open hours of the event all lost and found will be administered at the Welfare Point in the Main Arena. Any items of lost property cant be handed in, or logged at here.

After the event, any outstanding lost property will remain in the main reception of Robin Hill Country Park for 2 weeks before being turned over to the local police authority. Please call 01983 527252 to arrange to speak to our lost property team AFTER the event.