Introducing the Amphitheatre…

Welcome to an eklectic world of eccentric showbiz!

The Amphitheatre boasts the idea of turning ‘quirk’ into an art form by showcasing all varieties of entertainment disciplines! From circus to poetry, comedy to fine art, theatre to burlesque we have a line-up that will flabbergast your artistic senses!

Featuring the likes of ‘The Mime Guys’ blending situational comedy, improvisational nonsense, and fast paced spectacle, with the likes of Dave Sharp’s Speed Painting (As seen on Britain’s Got Talent) brining to life a huge variety of artwork of some of the legends of music!

“Get ready to Laugh, Smile and cover your eyes in fear as this duo show you what there made of. Will you be brave enough to join them on stage as they juggle fire, bear traps and Machetes? Expect fire balls, skilled juggling, acrobatics and more. ”

Roll up roll up, it’s time to see strength far beyond the realms of human capability. Stare in awe as these strongmen perform a balance act like you have never seen before. Jumping onto one another’s shoulders, lifting each other up with just a hand – these incredible acrobats are no mere mortals! Exciting circus entertainment with a Victorian twist, this Strongman Duo Acrobatic Act is guaranteed to dazzle.

Professor Elemental has created a unique neo-Victorian blend of hip hop and comedy, and is the man behind the youtube hits, ‘Cup Of Brown Joy’ and ‘Fighting Trousers’. His music charts subjects such as steam-powered flight, lovely horses, strange inventions and a nice cup of tea. With a heart of brass and a pair of goggles, he embodies the Victorian spirit of invention and exploration.

“Sit down and I’ll brew you a nice Hip Hop number, stir in some comedy and then serve it with scones”

Acts include The Victorian Circus Duo, Professor Elemental, The Mime Guys, Aerial Southampton Presents: Aerial Acrobatics & Circus, Vintage Comedy Duo, The FB Pocket Orchestra, Dave Sharp’s Speed Painting and The Ventnor Darlings, Oddsocks Productions Present: The Bard’s Best Bits of Romeo & Juliet,  Joan Ellis & Donna Jones Present: Navy Knickers & Nicked TV’s, to name but a few.

Tickets available HERE